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95° and Sunny

Add character to your favorite wine glass collection with 95 and Sunny's 'Bottom's Up' wine glasses.  95 and Sunny offers hand painted stemware for every occasion and make great gifts!

Our 'Bottom's Up' hand painted wine glasses come in a variety of fun designs for birthdays, weddings and other special occasions featuring our beautiful 'girls'. This 15- ounce wine glass has silk screening and hand painting.  The glass has a pulled stem and is approximately 9 inches tall.  It's nice presentation makes gift-giving easy. It's great as a keepsake for drinking or displaying. Each wine glass comes in its own gift box. These glasses are meant to be hand washed only with mild soap.

Our hand painted crystal glass nail files will never wear out and are perfect gifts for everyone on your list.  When you use a crystal glass nail file you can feel the difference immediately.  You will see it's a very fine filing surface which makes the nail smooth and reduces peeling and splitting of the natural nail.  It's better than any other nail file in the market and they re guaranteed to never wear out or wear down because the grit is permanently etched into the surface of the glass file.  The small file is perfect to carry in your purse, the medium file to keep at home and the large file is great for your feet after you shower.

For nearly 10 years, 95 and Sunny has been the premier distributor for 'Bottom's Up' stemware and crystal glass nail files from the Czech Republic.  Since we are the manufacturer and only distributor of these fine products, we guarantee the quality of each item.


For more information about purchasing or selling our 'Bottom's Up' hand painted wine glasses, crystal glass nail files and other products, please contact us today!

I&B® designs are whimsical, beautiful, detailed creations by artist Adrian Villanueva.  Her ingenuity, artistry and craftsmanship are unsurpassed in the marketplace.  Using her trademarked, inside-out- Reverz-Art™ technique, each piece has an unparalleled, rich, multi-dimensional look and feel. Like much other art, Inky & Bozko designs make people smile and reminisce of a special time or significant event in their lives.

I&B® designs, finishes, and craftsmanship are surpassed.  Experience, Enjoy, and Share our distinguished artsy-intellectual, one-of-a kind collectibles.


Inky & Bozko products make wonderful gifts for any special occasion.  They are often displayed as treasured keepsakes, or utilized as a tasteful accessory that fits the décor of any stylish home.