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TV Appearances    



As seen on Fox 10 News on August 31st

Fox 10 has a Recipe for Foot Relief

You may carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, but in your lifetimeyour feet will carry you an equivalent of four times around the world.  Fox 10 News shares insight on caring for the most abused part of your body...your feet.  Relief begins with 95 & and Sunny's crystal glass nail files.



95 & Sunny was featured on the Today Show Friday, May 19th.
The Today Show has been one of the most popular morning talk show on television since it started in 1952.  The program is unparalleled in its ratings dominance in the morning news arena, serving as America's overwhelming favorite for nearly ten consrcutive years.


From the Today show website:
"Preparing your fingers and toes for the perfect mani/pedi requires some simple planning.  95 and Sunny's glass nail file are not only designed to last a lifetime and are easy to sanitize, but they can also be custom engraved or embellished ($5-54;  HoMedics Style Spa Deluxe is a 15-piece nail-perfect kit that even comes complete with a built in dryer  ($22.99;, while Revlon's Moisture Stay Paraffin Bath smoothes skin and elbows with a DIY salon-like moisturing wax treatment ($24.99
And for the ultimate at home pedicure, the ConAir Body Benefits Massaging Foot Spa combines vibration, heat, bubbles, water jets and air power for a foot rub so soothing you'll forget to paint your toes ($49.99;!"




95 & Sunny was featured on The Tony Danza Show on Wednesday, May 17 2006.
Perhapes best known for his sitcom personas, Tony Danza is indisputably one of America's most popular performers.  The Tony Danza Show is a new, dynamic talk show blending celebrity interviews, human interest stories, cooking and audience participation.